Take Time (Paulette Meier ©2006, ASCAP)

I wrote this song as a reminder to not squander opportunities for deeper connection ... with life, with nature, with the divine, with myself. I only wish I would heed my own admonitions more often!” -- Paulette


TAKE TIME by Paulette Meier © 2006 (ASCAP)

1. Take time to go outside in the still dark hours of the night.
Take time to watch the shadows of trees swaying under soft moonlight.
Take time to listen to the rustling of the leaves.
Take time to feel the coolness of the gentle nighttime breeze.

Take time, the gift of time.
Take time, the gift of time.

2. Take time to feel the pain of all those suffering in the world.
Take time to cry the tears from unmet needs when you were a girl.
Take time to notice all the love you have inside.
Take time to feel the sadness for the love you had to hide.


3. Take time to center down in prayerful silence with the Divine.
Take time to sit in stillness, waiting patiently for a sign.
Take time to write your story and the lessons you have learned.
Take time to thank the ones who were there at every turn.

Refrain (continue during bridge)
Use it wisely, the gift of time.
It’s not easy, the gift of time.
With so many things pulling at me,
worrying me,
news and TV
How much time do we spend spending money?

4. Take time to plant a garden and watch it grow o’er summer days.
Take time to touch the soil and feel the hope of nature’s ways.
Take time to listen to the wonders of a child.
Take time to teach the ways of the tame and of the wild.

Refrain: Take time, the gift of time.
Take time, the gift of time.


from Just Earth, released January 1, 2017
Paulette Meier: words and music, lead vocals, Jamie Fota: harmony vocals, guitar, Leonard Webb: harmony vocals, percussion



all rights reserved


Paulette Meier Cincinnati, Ohio

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