Rediscovery (I'm Glad I Found You)

from by Paulette Meier, Jamie Fota, Len Webb and Diana Porter



Rediscovery (I’m Glad I Found You) (Paulette Meier ©2007, ASCAP)
“Sitting by a rocky stream in central Ohio’s ‘Highland Nature Sanctuary‘ after many moons of staying urban bound, I found myself thanking the stream for still being here. Living in the city, it’s so easy to forget. Gratitude continued to pour out as I ‘re-discovered’ other natural areas.” -- Paulette


Rediscovery (I'm Glad I Found You)
by Paulette Meier, © 2007 (ASCAP)

1. Rushing stream, you are still here
How many years have you been gushing by?
Cascading over these ancient stones,
Whispering tales in mystical tones?
I’m glad I found you.
2. Old beech grove, you are still here.
Dappling the light from the warm noon day sun.
I’ve missed the sweet scent of your life giving leaves.
​Forgotten the grandeur of high canopies.
I’m glad I found you.
The fate of the natural world's in our hands;
We mourn for the loss of our farms and woodlands
But while we do all that we can for our earth,
We need this communion
To treasure it’s worth.
3. Meadow bright, you are still here.
Teeming with life on this fine autumn day.
Butterflies flitting from aster to gold.
Song of the bob white brings memories of old.
I’m glad I found you.
4. Quiet pond,
You are still here.
Restful oasis for geese on their flight.
Now I remember your minnows and frogs,
And blue dragonflies and turtles on logs.
I’m glad I found you.
Why did I let so much time go by?
Caught in the grip of technology’s lie?
When I was young we would roam fields of green.
Pick pails of blackberries and wade in the stream.
But our house was part of new suburban sprawl.
And my love of nature came linked with its fall.
5. Stars at night,
You are still here.
Shining so clear in celestial skies.
I feared your numbers had dwindled to few.
But lights of the city just dim them from view.
I’m so glad I found you


from Just Earth, released January 1, 2017
Paulette Meier: words, music, lead vocals, Jamie Fota: harmony vocals, guitar, Leonard Webb: harmony vocals, percussion, Betsy Lippett: violin, Karen Arnett: viola de gamba, Bob Rowlette: double bass, Marcia Gallas: percussion, Diana Porter: string trio arrangement,



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