Hawk and Owl (Paulette Meier © 2004, ASCAP)
“A dream came to me the night of a big decision I had to make: I saw a red-tailed hawk fly into the woods and become a great horned owl. In Native wisdom, a hawk can be a wake-up call to an important opportunity at hand, and the owl can symbolize an invitation to go inward. The dream helped me decide to accept an offer of a nine-month residency at Pendle Hill, a Quaker retreat center near Philadelphia. I wrote this song during that special time.” -- Paulette


Hawk and Owl by Paulette Meier © 2004

Hawk and owl, two birds of prey
One by night, and one by day.
Make clear my vision, oh help me see.
Guide me along my soul’s journey.

1. O great horned owl, you with your eyes so yellow,
You can see what’s behind every shadow.
You bring the sun into the night.
And with your keen sight and your silent flight
You obtain that which you need.
Help me attain what I need.

2. O red tailed hawk, you with your rust red feathers,
You connect earth and heaven together.
You scan the ground from such great heights.
And with your broad wing span and your agile flight
You soar on the currents of life.
Help me ride the currents of life.


3. And great horned owl, you with your hidden ears,
The slightest sound in the woods you can hear,
You know the secrets of the dark.
And with your wisdom and your listening heart,
You discern what you must do.
Help me discern what to do.

4. And red tailed hawk, you with your far reaching vision
That holds you on course with your mission.
You see ahead to what may come.
And with your talons strong and your wings wide flung
You see which way to go.
Help me see the way to go.



from Just Earth, released January 1, 2017
Paulette Meier: words, music, vocals. Janice T. Sunflower: Native flute



all rights reserved


Paulette Meier Cincinnati, Ohio

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