Born to Love (Paulette Meier © 1998, ASCAP)

“I wrote this song around the time that the organization “Journey of Hope: From Violence to Healing” came through Ohio, with family members of murder victims speaking out against the death penalty. Their stories showed how the death penalty perpetuates the cycle of violence and interferes with the deep healing that is needed.” -- Paulette

For more information, please visit Murder Victims' Families for Reconciliation at: www.mvfr.org/about


Born to Love
© Paulette Meier, 1998 (ASCAP)

We were born to love, and love is what we’re here for.
We were born to love, and love is what we’re here for.
No baby is born to the earth, expecting to be hurt
at the hand of another human being.
No child comes into the world, expecting to find hate
among fellow human beings.

1. Generations oppressed,
Passing on the distress.
A mother lashes out in anger;
A father beats his son in rage,
And the heart of a child
is slowly broken.

CHORUS (First two lines)

2. An estranged one stalks the night,
Filled with ancient cruelty.
He kills your loved one cold;
The bullet rips your heart in two,
And you wonder what it means
To go on living.

CHORUS (First two lines)

3. Your trust in life betrayed,
You think his death will help heal you.
But it doesn’t stop the pain,
And it doesn’t mend your soul.
And it doesn’t help us all
Be more fully human.

CHORUS (first two lines)

4. We will hold you close;
You are safe to feel your rage.
Through the storms of grief and anger,
And the unleashed terror of the night.
The tears break through like rain,
heal your pain.

Heal your pain.
Tears break through like rain,
Healing your pain.
We will hold you close.
Again and again.
All the time it takes
to heal your pain.
Healing your pain.

CHORUS (all lines)


from Just Earth, released January 1, 2017
Paulette Meier: words, music, lead vocals; Jamie Fota: harmony vocals, guitar; Betsy Lippitt: violin; Karen Arnett, viola de gamba; Bob Rowlette: double bass; Diana Porter: string trio arrangement



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